The King and His Image-Bearer’s Choice

Part 1

As our first guest writer, my mom; Wendy, agreed to write this post for us. When I was younger I remember asking my mom why my dad almost never told me that this or that was or wasn’t modest. My friend’s dads always had a say in what they wore. Then mom told me that she had always felt it was her responsibility to find out what Dad wanted for our family and then shop accordingly. That always sticks with me and if I ever have my own family I am going to take on that responsibility, too. -Kinza

In a world that tells me that I must stand up for myself, where self-esteem is all important, and God-esteem is mocked, that I need to express myself and my individuality; why would I care about modesty?

Modest: Keeping due measure, modest 1. having or showing a moderate opinion of one’s own value, abilities, achievements, etc.; not vain or boastful; unassuming 2. not forward; shy or reserved 3. behaving, dressing, speaking, etc. in a way that is considered proper or decorous; decent 4. moderate or reasonable; not extreme 5. quiet and humble in appearance, style, etc.; not pretentious.

Modesty: the quality or state of being modest; specific. a) unassuming or humble behavior b) lack of excess or pretention; moderation c) decency, decorum.

Moderate: within bounds, restraint, avoiding excess or extremes of average or medium quality, amount, scope, range, etc.

Modest- Kosmios- orderly, decorous; of good behavior, modest.

So why would I want to be modest? How do I determine what is modest?

It starts with a worldview. We all have one, whether we grew one by purpose or default. It has to do with a King and His kingdom.

His name is King Jesus and He is my Father, by adoption. How did that happen? Well, go back, back, back to creation. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit spoke the world into being. (Genesis 1; especially verse 26, John 1:1) The plot thickens: the perfect world, a man and his wife created in God’s image, and their choice to disobey their God, and lose fellowship with Him.

Perfection turned dark as the effects of sin compounded on the earth. But (hear the angels singing?) the promised Redeemer, God the Son, King Jesus, was obedient to His Father, and came to this earth as a baby, and submitted to death on a cross to Deliver, to make a way that we can have a relationship restored with God. The best part is, He didn’t stay dead . He defied death and rose. He lives in Heaven today!

This free gift, this Salvation, is extended to all mankind. Whosoever will may come and partake freely! It’s for you and for me!

And this is why I care about modesty. When I repented of my sin against my Creator, and began to walk with Him, my desires changed. Before, I loved the world (1 John 2:15, 16); Now I love my King, my Redeemer, and want to glorify Him.

So, I have chosen a Kingdom. You can choose too. There is a kingdom that opposes King Jesus’. It is ruled by an angel who defied God, and he and his followers were removed from Heaven. He roams the earth today (1 Peter 5:8) and does everything in his power to fight against and lure members of God’s Kingdom away. His goal for you and me is eternal damnation.

Like Adam and Eve, we are created in the image of God. That is our intrinsic value, our incalculable worth. In His Kingdom, as women, we have high value; at the foot of the cross there is equality, and this brings the freedom for people to treat each other with respect and honor.

When we become part of the Kingdom of God, and continue surrendering to Him, we are radically changed. Before, we exalted self. Now, we want our King to be lifted up. Before, we were concerned that I am seen and heard, but now we want King Jesus to be seen in us. Before, we clung tenaciously to self. Now, the good of the kingdom- our brothers and sisters in the Lord, is what we seek. We have turned from rejecting our image-bearer to desiring to reflect Him with all we have!

How does this all fit with modesty? Hang on, we’re getting to it!

Blogging credits to Wendy Weaver

Photo credits to Damarus Wadel

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