Talking Cosmetics

In all this talk about beauty and modesty that we have been enjoying these last weeks, let’s talk about products that are our favorite, and what we want to avoid in them.

Our skin is our biggest organ, and like a sponge it absorbs things quickly. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply and within 30 seconds it is through our blood system. So we most definitely want to be aware of what we put on! (Fun fact or horrific one! The average woman wears 515 chemicals a day.)

So here is a list of things to avoid when deciding what is a clean and more pure product:

SLS or Sodium Laural Salfates : used to foam, lather and bubble.

SLS can lead to cancer, allergies/ immunotoxicity

Parabens : commonly used as a preservative

Parabens can lead to Hormone disruptions, reproductive disorder and cancer

Propylene Glycol : used to make extracts from herbs

Propylene Glycol can lead to allergies / immunotoxicity and kidney failure,

Aluminum : it blocks the sweat ducks, there for does not allow all the sweat to reach the surface.

Aluminum can cause Neurotoxicity and bone and brain diseases. Because if you don’t let the sweat come out you are keeping the toxins in.

BHT : used as a perservative

BHT can cause cancer

Phthalates : found in fragrance oils

Phthalates can cause hormone disruption, asthma, breast cancer and ADHD

Synthetic fragrances : fragrances that are man made, from synthetic material.

Synthetic fragrances can cause hormone disruption, cancer

And this is a very , very small list of the chemicals and how they can affect you! I would encourage you to take a second look and reconsider everything that you put on your skin.

And as I had promised earlier in this post, here are a few companies that are committed to keeping their products more pure and clean and that I enjoy using! Here is a company that uses common ingredients, and have a wonderful array of scents. I have loved their body wash and deodorant. They also have toothpaste that I like, though it is a little more pricey.

Their body spritzes are great detanglers as well as a light perfume!

Here is another beautiful place to order your body products from! They have a long and lovely line to offer. Facial care items, soap, deodorant, baby items, bug spray, you name it.

(And their soap boxes are beautiful!)

Ladies, even though it is difficult and easiest not to, it is very important to be aware of what we are eating, putting on our skin and in our bodies. Our bodies are God’s temple. It is our responsibility to care for what He has given us. And doing this helps us look our best!

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