Fall Pumpkin Décor Ideas

It’s fall, and today we sent several autumn DIY’s your way! My younger sister Kylie headed up these crafts. She is an adventurous and creative girl who likes to get out there and do stuff.

TP Pumpkin

Are you looking for some quick and easy fall decorations? If you are, then this pumpkin is the one for you because it can be made in no time flat and is super cute!


A piece of fall colored material measuring 18″ by 18″

A roll of toilet paper

A stick of some kind for the stem

A few fake ivy leaves or some other type of green leaves

Begin by laying the roll of toilet paper in the middle of your material and stuffing the edges of material down into the hole as shown on the picture. Once you have all the extra material down in the hole your result should be looking somewhat like a pumpkin.

All that’s left for you to do is to wedge your stick down in with all the material so it looks like a stem and glue some fake leaves around it. Presto, you’re done!

The Sweater Pumpkin

This is a very cozy pumpkin, but depending on what size you make it might not be exactly quick to make. You could grab a friend to help you with the braiding.


A styrofoam pumpkin; ours was about 8″ in diameter

Approximately 240′ of yarn, depending on the size of your pumpkin

Some type of short but wide stick for the stem

First of all pull the stem out of the styrofoam pumpkin; next use a knife to carve holes about two inches deep in the top and the bottom of the pumpkin. Depending on what color of pumpkin you use and what color of yarn you use you might want to paint the pumpkin to match the yarn so if there are some gaps between your braid it will blend in.

For our pumpkin we cut three strands of yarn with them being 80′ each, then doubled each strand in half to make a thicker braid. You will probably need to do a little estimating on how much yarn you will need if your pumpkin is a different size than ours. Now start braiding, yes, it will probably feel like you will be braiding forever! Also this is where a friend comes in handy as your three strands can become very tangled.

Once you are finished braiding start wrapping the braid around the pumpkin. Begin at the bottom and wrap to the top and down the other side; keep doing this until the pumpkin is totally covered. At the top and at the bottom you will need to use hot glue to glue the braid way down into the hole you carved so it doesn’t get all piled up.

When your pumpkin is completely covered, hot glue the stem on top and you’re done!

Jar Ring Pumpkin

This is a fun, rustic-looking pumpkin that can be made fairly easily. All you need is a few (old or new!) jar rings.


15 regular jar rings. If you want a larger pumpkin you can use wide mouth jar rings.

A cinnamon stick

A few fake green leaves

Pumpkin-orange spray paint

Spray paint the jar rings. After the first side dries flip them over and do it again so both sides get evenly coated. It’s up to you whether or not you want to do more than one coat.

Once the rings are completely dry thread them onto some string and tightly tie the string so all the rings are connected. Now arrange the rings a little until you have a good even pumpkin. Put a cinnamon stick in the hole and place a few leaves around it. Decorate!

-Credits to Kinza and Kylie Weaver

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