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In November we four girls, our moms, and Kinza’s and my younger sister and brother took a few days away together and went to Georgia and South Carolina. We would like to share some highlights of the trip and recommendations if you would like to visit those states; primarily Savannah, Georgia, and St. Simons’ Island, Georgia. Comment below with your favorite historic or tourist places to visit while traveling!

We took a trolley ride through the historic district of Savannah. It was very interesting, especially for all of us Eugenia Price fans. I’ll take the opportunity now to recommend her books! They are considered historical fiction although they are written about actual people who lived in early Savannah, Georgia, and St. Simons’ Island. Along with the historical interest, though, is the absolute beauty of the city! There are many old, architecturally amazing buildings and elaborate houses. The city has 22 squares which are basically parks that have old fountains and enormous trees covered in moss. We found a little red phone booth and of course had to stop there for a mini photo shoot.

River Street is a very popular street in Savannah. It is just what it sounds like, a street right along the riverfront. It is a great place to buy something to remember the trip by as there are a lot of souvenir shops, restaurants, and other interesting stores including an enormous candy store with every candy you can imagine! We ate at The Shrimp Factory, a restaurant that has amazing seafood: you won’t be disappointed!

Christ Church at Frederica was another high point from Eugenia Price’s books. The church was actually built by one of the main characters and lots of the book characters are buried at this beautiful church cemetery. Even if you don’t read, though, you should still visit this church; the nature around it is stunning- especially the rose tree we found which was covered in moss!

I feel like I keep repeating myself, but here again is a monument from Lighthouse, written by Eugenia Price. The St. Simons’ light was built by the main character of the book. Although the original lighthouse was torn down in the civil war to keep the Confederates from taking it, an identical one was built later.

A huge highlight of the trip was parasailing off the coast of Hilton Head! Definitely do this if you’re ever close to the ocean! Even for all you out there that do not like things that are too exciting or that take you too far off the ground, you still need to try parasailing. It’s so worth it!

Since we were staying on Hilton Head Island we also had to go to the renowned restaurant The Salty Dog Cafe. I will say it is on the expensive side, but we ate good food!

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  1. Yes!! Savannah is a beautiful place to explore,we were there last year and had a fantastic time exploring the lovely city and surrounding areas!


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