Our Bible School Experience

Interestingly, both Damarus and Kinza experienced Bible School for the first time the end of last year and the beginning of this year. So as the younger sisters, we (Daisy and Ginger) decided to “interview” them about their time there. We will ask them a question and then Damarus and Kinza will each answer about their particular time.

1: What was one main highlight of Bible School?

Damarus: Building relationships with the girls and staff.

Kinza: Meal times were great! I loved just chilling and having good conversations. It was also great when in the evenings we would just hang out, play games and talk.

2: What was a important life lesson learned?

Damarus: How important it is to have heathy relationships and to be a safe person for other people to talk to.

Kinza: To speak truth actively. In other words, to stand up for what is right and to tell others the good new of Jesus.

3: How were you challenged?

Damarus: In having a deep and strong faith in Jesus no matter what.

Kinza: I was challenged to be myself and to be a good friend to anyone and everyone, yet to choose my close friends wisely.

4: Where there any negative aspects of Bible School?

Damarus: Not really.

Kinza: I don’t think so.

5: What was your favorite class and why?

Damarus: I enjoyed both of my classes greatly. The class “Developing the Servant” really helped me to look at my life more clearly and to see how past experiences have helped to shaped me for the good and bad.

Kinza: ” Life of Christ” The teacher did the best job of teaching! He knew what he was talking about. Also, if we want to be like Jesus, well, there is no better way then to study his life.

6: What was your biggest challenge at Bible School?

Damarus: The part of balancing study/work with hanging out with people.

Kinza: To learn to accept everyone and to love them just the way they are.

7: A particular strong point of each Bible School?

Damarus: The staff was so caring and did a wonderful job of taking time for each student!

Kinza: I would give the cooks a big pat on the back for all they did. The food was incredible! The folks there also kept us very challenged spiritually.

8: Favorite memory?

Damarus: One would be hanging out in the dorm with the girls and deans.

Kinza: Volleyball and Spikeball! We had great games filled with tense yet friendly competition!

Having our big sisters gone and then having them come back raving about Bible School has gotten us excited about going too! Both Damarus and Kinza are so glad they went and would encourage you all to go too. It is a good time to get to know more people, intensive time of Bible study and pursuing Jesus!

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Welcome! We are two sets of sisters that are best friends; longing to live the purpose and design that God has specially planned for every one of us. We would love to have you come along with us as we learn what it looks like to be a true woman glowing with an inward beauty that comes from our Heavenly Father.

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