Tips for an Inviting and Restful Home

I’d like to talk about a few practical tips to make not only your guests feel comfortable in your home, but also to have an inviting and restful atmosphere for you and your family. 

  1. Lighting

I love this tip during this time of year especially. Once it starts getting dark outside, or if it’s a day that is especially dreary, I like to go around my house and light candles and turn on lots of lights. Lighting can create such a cozy atmosphere, whether it’s a string of lights draped across a window frame, a lamp on an end table in a living room or bedroom, a candle softly burning, or a tiny strand of lights on the fireplace mantle. Lights can give all the cozy vibes. 

  1. Smell

Candles are a great way to give your house an inviting scent, as well as different oil blends in a diffuser. Of course, if you’re cooking or baking, just the smell of supper or fresh cookies when coming through the door is welcoming in itself. I’ve heard of someone who intentionally had bread baking in the oven when potential buyers were looking at their house, just to make the house seem homier. Smells really can make a home more or less appealing. 

  1. Comfort

Something as simple as keeping the couches free from clutter so they can be used for relaxing and sitting is always a good idea. When I was growing up, my mom kept a basket of blankets in the corner of the living room and I have fond memories of curling up on the couch with a blanket in the evenings. I use that same blanket basket idea in my own home now. Is there anything cozier than a soft fuzzy blanket? 

  1. Décor 

Décor can play a huge role in making a home feel inviting! Scrolling Pinterest for décor ideas can be overwhelming and if we would always change our homes to incorporate the latest trends in décor, we would be spending a lot of time and money! I challenge you to use what you have or thrift it! Go thrifting with an open mind – remember that a lot of things can be painted. ☺ Switching up décor pieces that you already have can also freshen up a space and give a room that “new” feeling. Even though that piece may have been in your home for years, putting it in a different spot can make it feel new. 

Having décor pieces that mean something to you make your home unique and specific to you. A family photo can be meaningful or maybe there is a piece with a story behind it or an antique that’s been passed down through your family. There are things that may not be meaningful to others or may not even be that beautiful to look at, but they are special to you. Hang on to those items! I have a handmade plaque hanging on the wall in my laundry room. It’s cut into the shape of a very jagged heart and has my initials and my husband’s initials scrawled across the front of it. There is a reason it’s in my laundry room and not in my living room – it’s not very beautiful to look at, but it warms my heart every time I see it because someone special made it for my husband and I. 

  1. Stay organized and think creatively 

An organized home is much more restful and relaxing than a house that is full of clutter. Systems can help with reducing clutter and staying organized. If something in your home is frustrating to you, think creatively and find a way to make it better. Is there a cupboard in your kitchen that always gets messy no matter how many times you organize it? What about that drawer in your dresser that holds way too many clothes and makes putting laundry away difficult? I challenge you to think creatively and outside the box! Maybe there is a different system that would work better for that drawer or cupboard. Maybe there are things taking up space that you don’t use and could get rid of. Instead of viewing it as a frustration, view it as a challenge! 

  1. Perfection is not the goal

Lastly, having a perfect home should not be the goal. Ultimately, people will not remember what you had hanging on your walls, but they will remember the warmth they received from being in your home. Your children may not remember if the house was organized, but they will remember the memories they made in their childhood home. Whatever stage of life you are in, even if you’re not a wife and/or mother in charge of keeping a household running, if you are a woman who is at rest in her heart, the home you are a part of, will be a restful and inviting place as well.

Here is a sneak peak into Janae’s house!

Tips By: Janae Slabaugh

Janae is a dear friend of mine and I am honored she took the time to write this for us! Her house is so warm, welcoming and cozy. Not only is her house welcoming, but she makes you feel special and loved when you are there! – Damarus

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