Join us for Dinner

Last week we four girls were so happy to be able to spend two days together. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute! For supper, we had fun decorating the table and making a special meal. We would like to share it with you!


Mango Cranberry Punch

Basil Chicken and Pasta

Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad

Turtle Cheesecake

Some of the recipes I used were from Pinterest, so I will link them below. I got the chicken recipe from a favorite cookbook of mine, and the punch is my own creation!

Mango Cranberry Punch
1- 2 liter of sprite
1- 1/2 gallon of white grape juice
1- 1/2 gallon of cranberry mango juice
1- lemonade concentrate

Mix everything together, add the sprite right before serving.

Basil Chicken and Pasta
2 boneless chicken breasts
salt and pepper to taste
2 T. butter
1.5 T finely chopped fresh basil
2 T. butter
1/2 c. heavy whipping cream
1 T. fresh basil
salt and pepper to taste
3 t. flour
Angel hair pasta

Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper and place in an 8″x8″ glass baking dish. Combine butter and basil, spread on top of the chicken. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 400, flipping it when it’s half done.
Sauce: Melt the butter. Add cream and basil. Add flour and cook until thickened. Spoon over chicken. Serve over hot pasta.

Strawberry Poppy seed Salad

Turtle Cheesecake

From our hearts to yours, love from us girls at Pursuing Our Purpose.

Published by Pursuing Our Purpose

Welcome! We are two sets of sisters that are best friends; longing to live the purpose and design that God has specially planned for every one of us. We would love to have you come along with us as we learn what it looks like to be a true woman glowing with an inward beauty that comes from our Heavenly Father.

2 thoughts on “Join us for Dinner

  1. Lovely dinner! There’s alot to be said for taking the time to slow down and cook beautiful, delicious food… and then to share together as friends. This go-go world needs more of that!


  2. Thanks for the punch recipe! ☺️ I needed to serve cookies and punch today at a school event this afternoon and I used your recipe. Ppl were really commenting on how good it was.


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