Children :)

I love children, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to keep them busy. This post is a compilation of ideas of fun things to do with children.

When I worked in Baltimore, one of my responsibilities was to be the aftercare teacher. Crafts were something that kept the children busy and happy. I think I did more crafts in those three months than I’ve done in the entire rest of my life! Below I linked a few crafts made from paper. Other ideas for crafts are oragami, pipe cleaners, and slime.

Both my 10 year old brother and my 4 year old brother, as well as the children I babysit, love to play card games and board games. The games listed below are fun for both my 4 and 10 year old brothers. I have also discovered that both Spot It and Rats work well to play with children who do not understand English. My 10 year old brother can be entertained with board games such as Monopoly, and Risk for hours, although sometimes he has a hard time finding siblings who agree!

Anyone who knows me knew this was coming! Books are an amazing way to bond with children. I can get tired of reading books over and over again to my 4 year old brother, so sometimes when he asks me if I can read him some books I say that I will if I’m allowed to pick the books. There are many children’s books that I, as an adult, love to read! Here are just a few children’s books that I recommend.

Thank You, Mr. Falker

Patricia Polacco has written many amazing books. Little children love her books, and yet they have themes that interest older children and even adults. I love the art in her books!

Snoopy the Sheep

My little brother has many of the books in this series, and he loves them! These wholesome books are all about animals on a farm.


There are several Corduroy books, and all of them are so sweet!`

Also, sometimes the most important thing is to not find things to try to help children entertain themselves, but to instead keep them right in the midst of whatever you’re doing. My youngest brother loves to help cook, clean, feed animals, and anything else his older siblings are doing. It’s so good for children to help with work and have their own chores. It can really build a feeling that they belong in a family and are needed, as well as growing a work ethic.

Written by Kinza

Published by Pursuing Our Purpose

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