To Ireland and Back!

I still can hardly believe it actually happened. We went to Ireland! Damarus and I went with two of the best ladies out there and spent 6 days it that beautiful country! There were a lot of first times for me in this trip like flying, going out of country, ect. but it went very smoothly overall and God gave us so many blessing. He is the Giver of Good Gifts! So here is a little tour of Ireland through our eyes; Go if you ever get a chance!


This is one of the worlds great gardens! They have different gardens including lots of beautiful roses as you can see in some of the pictures. I have never seen so many different roses in my life! There is a beautiful trail to walk and lots of interesting plants and stone landscaping. There is also some little shops and a cafe in the house. We got our first taste of Irish scones with cream and jelly and had a cup of tea.


One day we walked around Waterford, which was started by the Vikings and is the oldest town in Ireland. It really is a beautiful place! A lot of the streets were like cobblestone or brick style and flowers in planters or just wild abounded, which definitely lent charm! The doors on the shops were often just left open and so it was a very welcoming feel. We heard live music on the streets too! We ate outside at a cute little restaurant and got a cool treat at Geno’s Gelato!


This was a big day! Started off with riding a car ferry across to get to the lighthouse where we then we got a tour of the inside of the lighthouse. It was very interesting! Hook Head Lighthouse is the oldest working one in the world! It is over 800 years old. Each of the lighthouses in Ireland have a different kind of light color or flash so that the boats can tell which one it is when they are out at sea. Then we went and had Fish and Chips. Their chips are french fries to us. They like to mix mayo and ketchup together and dip their chips in that or sprinkle them with malt vinegar. After that we gave ourselves a tour of the huge Kilkenny Castle. In the many stables there were shops including this cute little pottery shop, Castle Arch Pottery. We couldn’t help but buy as much as we thought we could haul home! The other pictures are just along the drive that day! So many picture perfect spots!


We did about a 6 mile hike one day. It was all along the cliffs and by 3 coves! It was such beauty all day! We packed a lunch and ate it on the comfort of a patch of spongy thick grass. Seriously, I never saw ground or grass like that! You could bounce up and down on a very comfortable seat. At the coves we walked in the water and found some sea glass. A very relaxing and lovely day! God held back the rain too for us! It got dark, windy and cold about half way through and we were prepared to get rained on but then the sun came out and it was gorgeous again! Thank you Jesus!


And here are the others from the rest of the time. Included are an Irish breakfast (fun fact about the Irish; they only eat with a knife and fork for the main food unless it is soup; they save the spoon for dessert!) sea glass, a special time on the cliffs one evening, walking to a beach for tea, biscuits and devotions one morning and just other things that caught our attention!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the little piece of Ireland we saw!

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2 thoughts on “To Ireland and Back!

  1. Wow! Looks like it was the time of your life! Now I want to go (translation: I’ve added Ireland to my already-a-yard-long list of places I want to travel to someday 😉 )

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