A Peek into our VBS Week

P.E.A.C.E. Ministries stands for Preparing Every Adult and Child for Eternity. They are a mission located in Hanover PA where they spend each and every day ministering to the community around them through Bible Clubs in the winter, games and personal interaction with the children, VBS in the summer, and so many other ways of spreading God’s love.
Damarus, Daisy, and I had the opportunity to help teach VBS this summer; it was something that changed and challenged us in many ways. What did our week look like? Well, there were 5 of us teachers that weren’t from the area, so we, along with the PEACE staff, spent most of our days together doing community service, praying, a scavenger hunt where we 5 girls had to find various places in the city without the use of our phones and do random acts of kindness for people. Without a doubt, that was a highlight! We had to rely on people’s directions and hope for the best. It was good for us to get out of our comfort zones and talk to people. Another day, we invited a bunch of children to the PEACE center and had ice pops, a bounce house, and lots of fun games to play with them.

Teaching VBS was definitely an amazing thing to do! It was a good mix of fun and challenging. Some of my favorite times were a prayer walk, time spent praying in the square of the town, time with the other teachers, scavenger hunt, and the sweet little children from my class . The staff at PEACE Ministries are incredible people and the way that they took time to interact and spread Jesus to the people really blessed and convicted me. That is what Jesus said to do isn’t it? “Go to all the world and preach the gospel.” I would totally recommend teaching VBS if you get the chance!


The main part of the week was obviously centered around Bible school in the evenings. After picking up the children, we had a time of singing and devotional, then we went to our individual classes for a lesson and snack. The evenings went by so quickly, I wish I could have slowed it down! The last night, one little boy on my bus told me, “I’m gonna miss you guys.” The feeling was mutual. Often after we took the children home, some of us teachers would hang out till late at night playing volleyball, having deep theological discussions, praying in the square, and just talking. It was really fun to build relationships with our co-teaches and have the same passion for the children we were spending time with.
Over all, I would repeat the week in a heartbeat. Yes, when there are times when 100 children running around felt overwhelming, but I am so thankful for the wonderful people we could work with and the presence of God with us all throughout the week!

My week was so good! I was so encouraged by the staff at PEACE Ministries. Their passion for Jesus, prayer, and telling people about God was challenging to me. They gave us an excellent glimpse into their work and living in town. Being sent out on a scavenger hunt and forced to talk with people to find where we needed to go was a highlight! Just having my eyes opened again to the brokenness and darkness around us was good for me. I want to do better at having my eyes open and looking for ways to reach out to people that I meet up with.


Where do I start?! The week we spent with PEACE ministries was definitely a highlight of my summer! There is something about giving to other people that brings an incredible blessing back to you. I was so very blessed and encouraged by the other teachers and especially the house parents and peace girls that live in the city. They took very good care of us and helped us get excited about what God is doing in the hearts of the children and their families. The activities that we did during the day were highlights of mine, but also the connection with the children every evening was so fun! Children have a way of squirming their way into my heart; it was hard to say goodbye! I am very grateful for the opportunity that we had to help out with VBS and would do it all over again.


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