A Survivor’s Perspective – Part 2

Here is the continuation from the last post – Part 2 Trauma is stored in the body. Childhood trauma can manifest itself in many forms. They are too numerous to mention them all. Physical illnesses. Food intolerances. Learning disabilities. Relationship problems. Inability to receive love or care. Depression. Anxiety. Insomnia. C-PTSD. To name a few.Continue reading “A Survivor’s Perspective – Part 2”

Childhood Trauma: A Survivor’s Perspective

Part 1 What a complex subject: trauma. Because abuse and trauma are very complex. Developmentaland/or childhood trauma leaves an impact on a person in a way that nothing else does. Itchanges the neurons in the physical part of your brain. God created our brains to be wired forconnection. Trauma creates separation. Isolation. It fragments theContinue reading “Childhood Trauma: A Survivor’s Perspective”

Notes about Trauma & A Survivor’s Perspective.

Hello once again to all our readers! We are so happy to have each of you join us as we continue to seek Jesus and His will and plan for our lives. Our journey’s are each so different and special to us. I hope each of us can look back over our lives and seeContinue reading “Notes about Trauma & A Survivor’s Perspective.”