Bloom Where You Are Planted

Let’s take a moment to consider all the many different kinds offlowers that God has blessed us with. There are Roses, Daisies, Peonies,Tulips, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Poppys, and the list goes on! All of these aredifferent in color, require different care, and benefit us in all different ways.All of these flowers were created by our heavenlyContinue reading “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

A Glimpse Into Our Life + Magnolia Wreath

You greatly encouraged us to share some more personal things, so here is a peek into the recent weeks of our life! We hope you enjoy! ” Fear not ye: for I know that you seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here for He is risen, as He said! Come, see the placeContinue reading “A Glimpse Into Our Life + Magnolia Wreath”