Beginners Guide: De-cluttering and Organizing

Is your room, apartment, or house an incessant mess? Even when it is clean, does it still feel cluttered? Maybe you don’t even know where to start on that mountain of…stuff. Hey, I’ve been there, done that. In this post I would like to give you a few tips on tidying, de-cluttering, and organizing thatContinue reading “Beginners Guide: De-cluttering and Organizing”

Happy Valentines Day!

How we Know-written by Wendy Weaver When we think of February, Valentine’s day, and love, we often think of romantic love, the kind of love that is expressed between two people and involves a crackling fire, chocolate, candles, and roses.That is one type of love, that is called eros. The Bible speaks of a numberContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day!”

Tips and Tricks (in the Flower World)

Hi! Today we are bringing you all something a little out of the ordinary! We decided to make a video on flower arranging for everyone to enjoy. Kylie; Ginger’s and my little sister, is the one who will be explaining all the dos and don’ts. She is the flower expert of the family and keepsContinue reading “Tips and Tricks (in the Flower World)”