Tips and Tricks (in the Flower World)

Hi! Today we are bringing you all something a little out of the ordinary! We decided to make a video on flower arranging for everyone to enjoy. Kylie; Ginger’s and my little sister, is the one who will be explaining all the dos and don’ts. She is the flower expert of the family and keepsContinue reading “Tips and Tricks (in the Flower World)”

Winter Arrangements : DIY

Life is beautiful. May we remember to enjoy the life and lives we have around us in this time of celebration and business. Here are some beautiful arrangements designed with live greens and berries! They make awesome center pieces, end table decoration, or even a really special and hand created gift. Here is list withContinue reading “Winter Arrangements : DIY”

Christmas Gifts Rethought

Welcome to December everyone! Although Christmas may seem like a ways off yet it is definitely coming fast and so is gift giving. Ready, get set……..ideas! Wrap your gifts creatively! Okay, so gift bags are alright, but honestly they just aren’t that creative. One thing I have learned from my mom is to wrap gifts,Continue reading “Christmas Gifts Rethought”