Tips for Mastering Photography

Photography is a love for all of us here at Pursuing Our Purpose! We thought that today we would share a few tips that have improved our portrait pictures for all you fellow photography friends.

tip 1

  • Do not use flash! It makes the lighting harsh and washes things out. So try not to use flash any more then necessary.

tip 2

  • Do not shoot up on a person. It is not the most flattering angle! Always try to be on the same level or shooting down on a person.

tip 3

  • Watch the lighting. Be careful when you plan a photo session or are trying to take a nice picture. Shadows and/or a washed out picture is probably not what you are going for! The early morning and then the evenings are the best times unless the day is cloudy.

tip 5

  • Don’t take a picture with the person face on. Once again it is not flattering to the person! Have your subject turn slightly to the side and you and your subject will be so much happier with the results!

tip 6

  • Practice Practice Practice! Find a photogenic model and have fun practicing different tips and tricks. Your pictures will improve!

tip 4

  • Pull your subject away from the background. It blurs it and that is what gives you a professional looking picture! We want the subject to be what the people first see, not a cluttered background.

”Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

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